Written by Annie Knapp

3-5-Minute Video

The shorter video is perfect if you want an awesome overview of your wedding day. It's almost like an (extended) trailer to the best movie/day ever. The 3-5 minute video is perfect if you want an summary of your day with the highlights, but without some of the more intricate details that might be included in the longer video. 

8-12-Minute Video

This video is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. The amount of detail that Rellek was able to fit into 14 minutes is amazing. Not one detail was left out, and this video captured the "feel" of the day perfectly. It's so wonderful to be able to watch the entire day without having to miss out on certain parts that wouldn't necessarily fit in a 3-5 minute video. I feel that this video is a perfectly complete summary of my wedding day without feeling like it's dragging on too long. I didn't want it to end!

The videos in general

Hiring Rellek Films was by far one of THE best decisions I made for my wedding. The chance to relive the best day of your life as many times as you want is absolutely worth fitting videography into your wedding budget. Tommy and his team were so kind and accommodating - my whole bridal party loved them! They worked incredibly well with the rest of my vendors, and managed to capture moments I didn't even know I wanted to see until I watched my video for the first time. I think I've watched our wedding video at least 15 times, and I still cry every time. The emotion captured in the video is so wonderfully different than the photography. I can't adequately express how highly I recommend using Rellek Films.